Missing teeth can cause healthy teeth to slowly migrate to the gaps, making them weak & prone to gum disease & caries.Therefore it is important to replace missing teeth to maintain health of remaining teeth. If you are missing one or more of your teeth, a dental bridge can fill the gap, thereby restoring both the form and function of your natural teeth. The bridge is comprised of an artificial tooth held together by two porcelain crowns and is custom-designed to fit snugly in the space left vacant by the missing tooth. Strong, comfortable, and virtually imperceptible, dental bridges provide a discreet, lasting solution to missing teeth.


Crowns or caps are ideal for repairing and reinforcing badly damaged teeth. Made of strong porcelain, they are particularly recommended for patients with teeth that are cracked or badly decayed. By strengthening weak teeth, they can substantially reduce or eliminate pain, sensitivity, and difficulty with chewing and speaking.

Complete Dentures or Full Dentures are used to replace teeth when all of ones teeth are lost.

Partial Dentures used to replace a few missing teeth are of two types-

  • removable
  • fixed.

A fixed partial Denture is otherwise called a bridge.
While most people prefer to have fixed teeth, in some cases only removable dentures may be possible. In such cases cast partial dentures offer the ideal form of teeth replacement.We would be happy to have a detailed discussion explaining the various options available.