Root Canal Therapy

Each tooth has its own nervous and vascular system known as a pulp. For a variety of reasons the pulps of teeth may become infected with bacteria usually as a result of tooth decay or injury. Because the pulp is in a confined space its ability to overcome infection is limited and it is destroyed. Eventually an abscess forms in the pulp canal and spreads to the surrounding tissues with consequent pain and swelling.

A course of endodontic treatment for molar teeth usually requires a one hour appointment. During this appointment the damaged pulp is removed from the root canal and any abscess that may have formed is drained, the canal space is thoroughly cleaned. The root canal is prepared and shaped. Very careful and precise instrumentation is required at this stage, since some canals may be a 6/100th of a millimetre in diameter. The canal space is fitted and sealed and a temporary filling is placed ready for your dental surgeon to complete the treatment. Occasionally a second appointment may be required in particularly difficult cases.Dr.Abhilash.V.Jacob is the endodontist at the Dr. Jacob's Omega Dental Clinic.He specialises in single visit root canal treatments and crowns are placed in the second appointment itself.

A root filled tooth is still healthy tissue. All that has happened is that the central blood supply inside the tooth has been removed. Endodontic treatment simply tries to ensure a balance of health is maintained and there is no recurrence of infection, while providing a sound foundation upon which your dentist can restore the tooth to normal function and appearance. We maintain to have a 96/98% success rate. Restoration of the tooth may require that your own dentist eventually places a crown on the root filled tooth in particular if it is a molar or premolar tooth.