What Our Patients Say...

Dean Stepney, Cambridge, UK I’ve just had an implant done by Dr.Jacob, completely painless & good informative service. Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk 0044(0)7747842871 or deanstepney@ntlworld.com
Shenaz, Calgary, Alta, Canada I was treated by Dr Merlin and was very happy with her recommendations & treatment and would recommend her to anyone
Binia Fraser, East Hampton, New York , USA Coming from Ney York and its known standards, I was impressed by the professionalism & courtesy, Thanks Dr. Jacobs
Alec & Jayne Platt,West Sussex, England Extremely good treatment, we cannot thank Dr.Jacob for what he has done in such a short time. We have no hesitation in recommending Dr.Jacob to anyone back in the UK. Thank you so much
Ernst Hoffman, Barenkogelweg, Austria I do really feel urged to express my satisfaction and pleasant surprise about the meticulous work that has been done on my teeth by Dr.Jacob. I can sincerely recommend this kind of dentist performance to each & everybody
Fellay Isabelle, Geneva, Switzerland Had six metal free ceramic crowns and two root canals by Dr.Jacob, Very good job done very fast, Vive l’ inde Vive D’Jacob, I recommend him.fellay@yahoo.com
Tracey Adrian, Essex, UK Fantastic Service
Tazim Valani, Edmonton, Alta, Canada I had teeth whitening done at Dr.Jacob’s Omega . I was amazed by his professionalism & kindness, I would recommend him very highly, Thanks Dr Abhilash Jacob.
Yvonne Biskupska, Austria Dear Dr. Jacob, a "thank you" from my heart for the great job! I'm happy to have met you & your team.Thank you again for the all ceramic crowns & all the best to you and your team.Keep in touch.
James Stubberfield, Basel, Switzerland Thank you for the treatment & the nice bright smile