Metal Free Ceramic Crowns

The Empress metal free ceramic crowns(caps) we make in Omega Dental Clinic do not show any metal. We send our work to dental labs where lab technicians hand craft beautiful, well fitting caps. Newer zirconia all ceramic crowns are very strong and can take heavy chewing loads. Cercon by Dentsply, Procera by Nobel & Lava by 3M are some of the zirconia metal free crowns & bridges we deliver at Dr Jacob's Omega Dental Clinic.

Metal Free Crowns are extremely esthetic and cannot be differentiated from the adjacent natural teeth.(Even the patient may not be able to recognise after a few months!!!)They are suitable in cases involving front teeth where esthetics is of paramount importance and in people allergic to metal.At Omega Dental Clinic we find more and more people choosing these kind of metal free crowns over all other crowns including porcelain fused to metal crowns.

The skill in preparation and impression-making of your teeth for caps is significant. Accuracy is important to tolerances less than 0.001 of a millimeter! In addition to creating cosmetically beautiful caps we also create them to minimize long-term gum problems (overly bulky caps irritate gums) and maximize cement retention (so the cap won't fall out).